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In the past, black people were not considered human. They were held as slaves on farms, weren’t allowed to own property, and didn’t receive payment for their work, only food and shelter. When Abraham Lincoln outlawed slavery, this changed. Some centuries later, women were still considered inferior and, like the slaves, not allowed to own property or given money. Their existence was relegated to the household, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of children.

With women, this is still the case in many parts of the world. Admittedly, the LGBT community’s situation is improving as well, but it they are still marginalized. They’re still not allowed to marry in some states and other countries. In countries where views are highly conservative, these people don’t even dare come out, out of fear of possible ramifications. Not being allowed to marry deprives them of certain rights, like that to hold joint property or receive benefits from the government.

LGBT people can be great parents. They are highly intelligent and considerate and a child could benefit a lot from having them as parents. They tend to receive higher incomes than straight people. LGBT people have a lot of skills. We need to help them apply these skills in practice.

Helping LGBT people starts with bypassing the issue of sexual orientation. It doesn’t matter that they are attracted to people of the same sex just like it doesn’t matter that a heterosexual is attracted to people of the opposite sex. It really doesn’t. Once we get that these issues out of the way, we can start making real progress. In some countries, this has started. Gay marriage is legal in quite a few European countries. Some heads of state in Europe are openly gay or bisexual. In the US, people are still more conservative. We can help them by opening our hearts and minds to them. Accept them as human beings. They are our friends, coworkers, relatives. There has always been a percentage of the population that was gay. This is the case throughout the world.

Like we did for black people and women, we can protest to secure the LGBT community more rights. Community leaders can use their voice in support of this sadly marginalized group of people. Influencers can raise the issue of gay rights on social media. Celebrities can speak out in support of them, and some of them do. We need to follow in their footsteps.